Tinashe Vamps It Up With ‘Company’ On MTV’s Wonderland

Why aren’t more people talking about Tinashe’s newly released track ‘Company’? Why aren’t more people talking about the flawless performance of the song she gave on the premiere of MTV’s new live show Wonderland?

To catch you up to speed, Tinashe has been battling to get her sophomore album out for well over a year now. With the release of her new song ‘Company’, we might be closer than you think.

And the stock that MTV is putting into this girl couldn’t be more proof that something is near. From Snapchat takeovers, to the VMAs, to her opening up a brand new show – she’s positioned to be the it girl that we know she can be and should have been a year ago.

Take this performance of ‘Company’, for example. The Janet reference and Britney inspired stage presence are unparalleled when you stack Tinashe up against some of the most popular females in pop right now. It’s crazy to think that she isn’t on their level or, ideally, that they’re striving to be like her.

All in due time. For now, we have the pleasure of watching her build up into that explosion. Let’s all remember that it started here.

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