Fifth Harmony Premiere Their Apocalyptic ‘That’s My Girl’ Music Video

With Fifth Harmony at an all time low these days, the Harmonizers are in need of a little pick-me-up that serves a reminder as to why 5H could be the greatest female group today if they just cut the bullshit.

Today, the ladies officially move onto single #3 from ‘7/27′ – the roaring, horn-heavy ‘That’s My Girl’.

In a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max influenced wasteland, the girls act as a beacon of hope amongst the poor and downtrodden. Picture it as if Charlie had five angels and couldn’t pick which ones would go out in the field, it would be Lauren, Normani, Dinah Jane, Camila, and Ally.

There’s no question about it. ‘That’s My Girl’ is the group’s most high-octane and best video yet. Trading in kitschy themes and heavy choreography, Fifth Harmony tries something new on for size and embraces something more cinematic this time around.

Each visual gets a little better than the last this era. It’s a shame that this could be one of their last as a group.

Are you into the ‘That’s My Girl’ music video?

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