Britney Spears Releases A Second Version Of The ‘Make Me…’ Music Video

The ‘Make Me…’ music video has to be the biggest controversy amongst the Britney Army in recent memory.

After receiving a cut of the visual that was less Lachapelle and more…well, simple and disconnect, fans were very vocal about a second version that did the song justice.

Technically, a second version exists that suits ‘Make Me…’ a hell of a lot more than the male auditioned theme video. It just isn’t the one that fans have been begging for.

Tonight, a second ‘Make Me…’ video surfaced online after discovered on Britney’s official app.

It’s still simple, focusing in on the solo shots of Britney in white and black lace from the released version. There’s an added scene of Britney in saturated pink light. And that’s about it.

It’s pretty, it works, and it represents the sensuality of the single better than the one released earlier this summer.

It may not be the one we’ve been waiting for, but it’s sure making us “oooh”!

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