Lady Gaga Premieres Her ‘Perfect Illusion’ Music Video

Lady Gaga is off to a so-so start with her new single ‘Perfect Illusion‘ – an understandable feat after a huge image overhaul.

After debuting at #15 this week on the Billboard Hot 100, the single is slated to rise even higher thanks to its just-premiered music video.

For the first time in her videography, Lady Gaga commits to the less is more approach (leaving ‘The Edge Of Glory out on a technicality because it was due to have an elaborate, over-the top theme). Stranded in the desert, the pop star hallucinates in between reality and her rave fantasies where the adoring crowd cheers on Gaga’s energy filled performance.

Does it work for the song? Yes! Will it do it any favors? That’s up for debate…

Watch the ‘Perfect Illusion’ video below.

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