MØ Performs ‘Final Song’ On The Tonight Show

Every now and again, a pop artist will release a song that’s so goddamn great, fantastic, perfect, etc. Said song will have a pretty decent global impact, but fail to infiltrate the U.S. because American radio programmers and music listeners continue to prove that they are the worst.

This year, MØ has fallen into this predicament. Her single ‘Final Song’ couldn’t be better, but it’s having trouble finding some footing in the States. With her performance of the song on The Tonight Show last night, it could be the thing that the song needs to finally get recognition in the U.S.

Final Song’ was slated to be serviced to radio at the beginning of the month and mysteriously vanished from radio days before it was due to be added. It’s strange. ‘Lean On’ was enormous and ‘Cold Water’ is a big help in getting her some exposure that could lead to a solo hit for MØ. With her next release – ‘Drum’ – due out in October, will ‘Final Song’ ever have a chance to dominate another market?

Time will tell – but hopefully this won’t be the last we see MØ perform the single on American television.


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