The Weeknd Kicks Off A New Era With ‘Starboy’

The time has come for Abel Tesfaye to mesmerize us all over again. After rumblings of a new single on the immediate horizon and the confirmation of his new album straight from the horse’s mouth, The Weeknd officially kicks off a new era today with a new single – the title track off his forthcoming record ‘Starboy’.

It’s a different tone around this time, y’all. The songwriting falls very much in line with the moody, confessional stories The Weeknd is known for telling (see ‘Real Life’), but the sonics have slightly shifted.

Gone are the ominous tones, pop hooks, and trap heavy beats – at least on ‘Starboy’. This time, Abel has turned to Daft Punk for a new sound. However, the French electronic duo’s dance vibe isn’t saturating this track. Instead, subtle electronic flairs poke in and out of track. It’s almost as if they’re adapting to Abel’s sound and style.

It’s an interesting first single. It’s still very melodic – but it’s not as poppy or immediate as the material the general public fell in love with.

Will The Weeknd be a “star” this time around? Check out ‘Starboy’ below.

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