First Listen: dumblonde – ‘White Hot Lies’

Ready to get a little blonder? Just one day after the anniversary of dumblonde’s self-titled debut album, the alternative pop duo celebrated the only way Aubrey & Shannon know how to…by giving fans a glimpse as to what lies ahead with a clip of their brand new single ‘White Hot Lies’ from their forthcoming sophomore album.

Back in the summer, Aubrey O’Day shared that dumblonde would go under a little bit of a sonic overhaul. The dance element from their first record would still be a foundation, but Aubrey & Shannon would veer into 70’s territory their second time around instead of latching onto EDM inspired songs.

White Hot Lies’ seems to be the perfect introduction to that sound. It beckons the funky guitar that made ‘Tender Green Life’ a stand out on ‘dumblonde’ and draws on inspiration from some of Daft Punk’s best known hits.

Your white hot lies electrify me/So lie to me

No word on when the single will drop – but know that it’s been a year since ‘dumblonde’, we’re crossing our fingers that it comes sooner rather than later.

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  1. Erika Gerardi says:

    Yassssss the queens have returned

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