Hailee Steinfeld Acts Like A Pop Star In ‘Starving’

Ever since Hailee Steinfeld popped up on the pop scene, she was…well, basic compared to the other girls. While none of them these days truly have the shine that some of the legendary pop icons do, there was something about Hailee where she failed to standout against the pack.

Turns out – she was saving all of that for a real breakout moment. While ‘Love Myself’ was a guilty pleasure and ‘Rock Bottom’ was just exactly that, ‘Starving’ turns out to be the hit she needed.

As it continues to rise up the charts, the single’s music video just positioned Hailee as a competitor against peers like Selena Gomez. A little bit of flashiness, some easy choreography, and several different looks can work wonders for a song. Just look at it – it’s currently #8 on the iTunes charts.

Will ‘Starving’ become a bigger hit thanks to its video?

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