The Chainsmokers & Phoebe Ryan Team Up For ‘All We Know’

Since the top of the year, The Chainsmokers have become pop’s breakout act of 2016. By combining pop hooks and alternative influences with left-leaning EDM, the electronic duo have quickly made a name for themselves outside of their novelty single ‘Selfie’.

Single after single has become hit after hit for The Chainsmokers. With ‘Closer’ riding the top of the charts for six weeks straight, the guys have wasted no time coming through with a follow up.

Their latest – ‘All We Know’ – features indie pop sensation Phoebe Ryan and, more or less, is modelled after ‘Closer’ and ‘Roses’. Andrew is back on vocals, but letting Phoebe (the real star of the track) take the lead. With ‘Closer’ riding so high, it’ll be interesting to see if ‘All We Know’ can take center stage for a second.

There’s nothing too new going on here. It’s becoming the same old, same old and we’re not that crazy about The Chainsmokers to begin with. That being said, if this is what it takes to bring Phoebe Ryan to a larger audience then so be it!

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