The Weeknd Murders Himself In The ‘Starboy’ Music Video

If you didn’t get the hint that the old Abel was dead and gone, consider the just-release ‘Starboy’ music video as a reminder.

Visually, the aesthetic isn’t too much of a departure from what we’ve seen from The Weeknd (sans a few neon lights). Content-wise, there’s still a sinister tone that complements the sonics of ‘Starboy’. Yet, this is still his most striking visual to date.

Opening up with a brutal murder by a masked figure, deck in all black – we watch in horror as The Weeknd we’ve come to know asphyxiates before our eyes. Seconds after, it’s revealed that the cleaned-up version of The Weeknd was the one that did the deed.

If that wasn’t enough for the new & improved Abel, he takes to the awards won over the past year that are decorated in the now-deceased Abel’s apartment and obliterates them.

This is the first taste of something new, and if we’re getting the memo the way The Weeknd intends his new look to be received, then this will be first of many next level art pieces on the horizon.

Watch the music video for ‘Starboy’ below.

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