Tinashe Vamps It Up On GTA’s ‘All Caught Up’

So…’Joyride’ is still in limbo. Tinashe’s long-delayed sophomore album is scheduled for release in October, but that’s looking less and less likely as the days go on.

Still – there’s no shortage of music. If it’s not solo material, Tee is hooking up with DJ’s for some killer electro cuts. Take her latest, ‘All Caught Up’ featured on GTA’s debut album.

On an electro, hip-pop beat – not unlike some of her usual material – Tinashe acts as the pop’s biggest temptress as she sings about lust on this slinky track.

Sink into the grey, lay you down/Walk around your space, wear you out/I won’t hesitate, feel me now/Feel me walking away

Take me into your arms/I’m gonna keep you all caught up, no/Deeper into your heart/I’m gonna keep you all caught up, no

Thoughts on Tinashe’s latest feature?


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