DNCE Release The First Single Off Their Debut Album – ‘Body Moves’

After what seemed like an eternity, DNCE are finally ready to set up their self-titled debut album. After a series of hits with ‘Cake By The Ocean’ and ‘Toothbrush’, can lightning strike for a third time with their new single ‘Body Moves’?

Body Moves’ isn’t really anything new. The band has been performing it live for the better part of the year. The single was questionable in a live setting, but now that we have the official version it couldn’t make more sense why they’ve chosen this to lead their record.

There’s still a little bit of that quirk, but the song is a lot smoother than some of their previous material – almost treading into R&B territory.

With radio eating up everything they release, it shouldn’t be long before we see ‘Body Moves’ climb up the charts.


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