The Weeknd Releases His Latest ‘Starboy’ Track, ‘False Alarm’

Surprise – The Weeknd isn’t letting ‘Starboy’ speak for the new record he’s about to set up. Instead, it looks like the R&B singer is ready to release a series of promo tracks before his new album drops in November.

With only a few hours notice, Abel has dropped his latest song off ‘Starboy’ – ‘False Alarm’.

Leaning a hell of a lot more electro than anything he’s ever done, The Weeknd shows off a side of himself that we’ve never seen before. Still, there’s a lot of his signature flavor on ‘False Alarm’. In fact,  there’s a lot of elements that could be compared to ‘The Hills’. Instead of channel a darker, ominous tone, The Weeknd almost crosses over into New Wave territory.

Are you feeling The Weeknd’s sonic change up on ‘False Alarm’?


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