Britney Spears Performs ‘Make Me’ on The Jonathan Ross Show

Looking for more this week from the Princess of Pop after her journey across the pond for a quick promo stint? You’re in luck. Britney Spears’ appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show just aired in the UK and it didn’t take long for her performance of ‘Make Me’ to hit the Internet.

If you’ve seen ‘Make Me’ live before, you already know what to expect. Still, the added pizzazz of a few spotlights, a dazzling new look from Spears, and some deep blues behind her gave the performance a fresh new look.

Now that she’s back in the States, it’s time to move on to single number two. ‘Make Me’ has been around for the past three months and has officially dropped off radio. What are you looking forward to hearing during this next chapter in the ‘Glory’ era?

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