Lady Gaga Continues To Tease ‘Joanne’ With ‘Million Reasons’, ‘Sinner’s Prayer’, & ‘Ayo’

After a lukewarm response to ‘Perfect Illusion’, Lady Gaga is still maintaining her stride and going full steam ahead with ‘Joanne’.

This week, the ‘ARTPOP’ singer kicks off a mini promotional tour in support of her forthcoming record where she’ll perform at dive bars around the country and preview new music. Tonight, it’s time for not one, but three songs to take center stage and try to convince those who might have been turned off by the set’s lead single.

Kicking things off with ‘Sinner’s Prayer’, the much-talked about country influences that are rumored to saturate ‘Joanne’ carried through with the second new song ‘Ayo’.

While ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ relied more on twangy undertone, ‘Ayo’ brought the house down immediaitely with its Americana sound, catchy hook, and Gaga’s roaring energy. Could ‘Ayo’ be a future single off of ‘Joanne’? Time will tell – but if Gaga has it her way, you can count on it.

And then there was ‘Million Reasons’ – quite possibly the best song that’s been shared from the record so far. Honing in on the sound that made ‘Speechless’ and ‘Brown Eyes’ such standouts from previous eras, Gaga gets more vulnerable than ever before. On the heartbreaking ballad, Gaga sets herself up as more relatable than ever…and it pays off. In total control of her vocals and with some of her best lyrics in years, she’s managed to tap into that winning formula that some feared was lost.

In all honesty, the material has been polarizing since the start and continues to be polarizing. It’s very clear that ‘Joanne’ will not be for everybody and will most likely be the Lady Gaga album that alienates the most people. However, it’s the one album since ‘The Fame’ that has the potential to garner new fans.

Lots of new things are going on and all the different influences were really made apparent tonight. Like each chapter in her career, Lady Gaga has donned a character. This time, it’s an Americana lovin’ Southern girl who spends her life traveling the dirt roads of America with the bad boys. Like it or not – it’s what’s being sold this time around. Luckily, two out of the four songs performed at the first night of the Dive Bar Tour have potential. Time will tell, but the jury is still out around here when it comes to ‘Joanne’.

Listen ‘Sinner’s Prayer’, ‘Ayo’ and ‘Million Reasons’ below.


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