Bruno Mars Returns With ’24K Magic’

He’s baaack! After taking the past two years off to work on his third record (and join forces with Mark Ronson for one of the biggest smashes of all time), Bruno Mars is finally ready to get back into the swing of things with his new single ‘24K Magic’.

And things literally pick up where he left off. A dash of ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ and a splash of ‘Uptown Funk’ make up ’24K Magic’.

Don’t let that make you think this is just a rehash of what’s been done before. There’s a certain late 80’s pop flare and an early 90’s hip-hop sound that have Bruno’s new single dripping in swag.

Is it mind blowing? No. Is it genre changing? Not exactly. What ’24K Magic’ does is take an artist who was so consistent and remind us why he was so great.

It’s like greeting and old friend, and believe us when we say we’re more than interested in a “hello” from this friend.

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