Lady Gaga Releases ‘Million Reasons’

If you were in tuned with the ‘Joanne’ era last night, you know Gaga previewed three new songs off her new record and that ‘Million Reasons’ was due for release at midnight.

The studio version is now out – and if you were sleeping like the most of us – now’s your chance to hear it in full.

Not unlike the live rendition we first heard last night at the first stop on the Dive Bar Tour, ‘Million Reasons’ is a heartbreaking country ballad about contemplating whether to leave or stay in a relationship that may have ran its course.

I bow down to pray/I try to make the worst seem better/Lord, show me the way/To cut through all his worn out leather/I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away/But baby, I just need one good one to stay

The same sentiments we said last night still ring true – it’s one of Gaga’s best ballads and the most vulnerable she’s ever positioned herself in a long time. However…there’s still a very unfinished quality to the studio track. ‘Million Reasons’ sounded much better live last night. Here, we’re still getting demo vibes and Gaga’s vocals are way too much at times. It’s as if Mark Ronson & co. decided to forget about producing her vocals and just focused on the musicality.

We’re afraid this is becoming a theme now that we’re 2-0 for shouty material. Luckily, ‘Million Reasons’ redeems itself towards the end with a few vocal peaks and valleys. However, it’s not enough for us to keep this song on repeat, much less give it a second spin.

Thoughts on the official version on ‘Million Reasons’?

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