Dawn Richard Announces ‘Redemption’, Releases ‘Renegades’

After nearly a year and a half of teasing The Red Era, Dawn Richard is ready to take her fans on a journey of restoration with the aptly titled closing chapter in her trilogy ‘Redemption’.

Since the release of Dawn’s sophomore album, ‘Blackheart’, Dawn spoke at great lengths about her next album. Still, Richard took her time to craft an album that represented the story she wanted to convey this time around.

On ‘Redemption’, all of the one-off singles Dawn has released in between her last album and latest one are noticeably absent. Instead, we’re treated to fourteen new tracks including the set’s lead single ‘Renegades’.

What could be described as her most commercial material yet, ‘Renegades’ finds Dawn backed behind a festival ready EDM beat as she embraces her pack of rebels and aims to take over the world.

Premiering the track on Billboard.com earlier this week, Dawn said ‘Renegades’ “speaks of the rebels. We are the glitter of this community and I kind of wanted to make an anthem where it felt like there was an overtake happening.”

I’m coast to coast they know they fucking with a real one/But when there’s two of us we rocking like an anthem/Spool like the fuel rolling in your engine/I got my name on it booming in your system/Where my Renegade?/Run away with you renegade

Is Dawn reinventing herself this time around with ‘Redemption’? Of course she is – it wouldn’t be a proper Dawn album without a new sound and a new look. From the sounds of it, she’s very much starting things off on the right foot once again.

Redemption’ will be released on November 18.

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