JoJo Reminisces On The Past Before ‘Mad Love’ With ‘Music.’

In less than a week, JoJo will drop her first album in over a decade – ‘Mad Love’. Right before the set’s release, the ‘Fuck Apologies’ singer is looking back on the past one last time before she sets her sights on the future with the piano led ballad ‘Music.’.

This is what it’s always been about for JoJo, the music. Not all the perks and highlights of becoming a “celebrity” or public figure. She was always in it to get her message out there to her fans and touch millions of lives with her gift.

Chronicling her childhood and the years since we last heard from the R&B singer, JoJo spills her heart on this ballad that erases the fact that she’s been gone for so long and missed by so many.

Everyone rises, everyone falls/Everyone spends some nights alone/Rich or for poor/I’m always sure/You never left me on my own

Tell me who, who would I be without you/No matter how much we lose/Every time I bet my life on you

And the music video that highlights her youth before she got tainted by all the music industry drama? Too much for words.

Mad Love’ will be released October 14th.

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