Maroon 5 Return With Kendrick Lamar On ‘Don’t Wanna Know’

Like it or not, one of the biggest pop/rock bands have returned – this time a lot more poppier and a little less Maroon 5 than ever before.

This week the five piece band led by Adam Levine kick off a new era with ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ featuring Kendrick Lamar, a quasi-cheap song that straddles the lines of tropical pop and electronic music while totally abandoning everything that Maroon 5 has introduce to fans until this point.

It’s no secret that Maroon 5 have embraced a poppier aesthetic over the last several years. That’s not the surprise. The real curve ball here was reports of M5 returning to their roots for this next record. This generic, non-event is not what we expected nor had in mind for all parties involved (looking at you, Kendrick…).

At the very least, it’s catchy and Maroon 5 should be able to continue their radio trajectory of chart topping hits.

Watch the ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ music video below.

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