Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello Unite On ‘Bad Things’

News broke earlier this week that Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello was diverting her attention outside of the group for another “solo single” alongside Machine Gun Kelly for his new track, ‘Bad Things’.

With the song’s premiere, we wouldn’t necessarily call it a solo single. Camila is strictly hook girl on this single, singing the hook that samples Fastball’s 90’s hit ‘Out Of My Head’.

Am I out of my head/Am I out of my head/If you only knew about things I liked/Don’t think that I can explain it/What can I say?/It’s complicated/Don’t matter what you say/Don’t matter what you do/I only wanna do bad things to you/So good that I can’t explain it/What can I say?/It’s complicated

For us, ‘Bad Things’ is all about Camila. She plays into her naughty side a little more than she ever has on any Fifth Harmony track and she proves that her distinct voice and tone can lend itself to any genre. She get a lot of flack for trying to break away from the group and go solo, but maybe that’s because 5H is limiting what she do musically.

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