Pia Mia Surprise Releases ‘On & On’ Ft. S.Y.P.H.

Praise her – Pia Mia, the budding pop princess and heir to Madonna’s Material Girl collection, has finally blessed all of us with new music for the first time in nearly a year. Well, officially.

Today, Pia Mia surprise released her new single ‘On & On’ ft. Canadian rapper S.Y.P.H.

On the dancehall infused banger, Pia Mia vamps it up on the new single that falls very much in the pocket of her previous singles from last year.

I dance so slow for you baby/For you lovin’ is driving me crazy/He got me going, I feel the same way/I go hard, yeah that’s my baby/And we go on and on and on and on and on

Definitely a great vibe for her and one that plays into the biggest trends in pop and R&B right now. Is this one step closer to the Pia Mia album we’ve all been waiting for? Time will tell, but hopefully this is a sign of things to come and a steady stream of music from the singer will lead up to an album in early 2017.

Listen to ‘On & On’ here.

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