The Veronicas Share New Single ‘On Your Side’

After bringing their music to millions of fans across the world earlier this year with their solid single ‘In My Blood’, Aussies favorite sister duo is back today with a brand new single that builds off the success of their last hit and sets them up for another #1.

The new single is called ‘On Your Side’ and very much treads the same tropical house wave that ‘In My Blood’ did. The vibe is electro, with the structure of the song following the ever popular chorus-less drop.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, Lisa and Jessica sing about unity, finding your support in life, and empowerment.

I remember the night/We got drunk/I got sick on the subway/With your hands on my face/Said it don’t matter babe cause I’m on your side/Life isn’t pretty/We all get a little wrecked sometimes/If God is listening people thing you’re out of your mind/Even if you believe it/through all the hard times/I’m on your side

There’s still that heavy pop element, but it’s a little defined in this mid-tempo vs. the banger that was ‘In My Blood’. No doubt after the positive response to their previous single, this one will follow in its steps.

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