Bebe Rexha Releases Her New Single ‘I Got You’

It’s been rough navigating the solo waters for Bebe Rexha. She’s got all these great feature and songwriting credits, but a solo hit? Not so much.

After the underperformance of ‘No Broken Hearts’, Bebe seemingly went radio silent. Now, she’s back with her new single ‘I Got You’ – a better fit for the singer than the mess that was her last single.

While ‘No Broken Hearts’ positioned Bebe as a sassier, slightly urban driven pop star, ‘I Got You’ brings her back to her roots with its moody production and downtempo feel.

Upon first listen, this could be the hit that Bebe needs. Her album drops early next year and there’s little to no fanfare surrounding it. Fingers crossed one of alt-pop’s brightest stars can see the same amount of success as her peers are lately with this single.

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