Bonnie McKee Is An 80’s Goddess In Her ‘Easy’ Music Video

For the last year and a half, Bonnie McKee has been focusing on ‘Bombastic’ and making her latest EP break the stigma of her reputation of being just one of pop’s best songwriters.

Three out of the four song off of her EP have been pushed as a singles, and now it’s time for the last track – ‘Easy’ – to get its time in the spotlight.

Drenched in technicolored hues and neon lights, Bonnie channels some of the best 80’s glam singers as she effortlessly performs in front of the camera. Known for channeling that time in music, ‘Easy’ is by far the best she’s done at nailing that era. The visuals match the song and come off natural for the budding pop star.

Easy, indeed.


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