DNCE Drops ‘Blown’ & ‘Good Day’ Ahead Of Their Self-Titled Album

DNCE are gearing up to (finally) drop their self-titled debut album later this month. Since last fall, the Joe Jonas fronted band have delivered jam after jam. DNCE continue to add to their roster of hits with ‘Blown’ and ‘Good Day’.

Like the songs they’ve released in the past, ‘Blown’ and ‘Good Day’ have that quirky nature that has quickly become DNCE’s signature sound.

While ‘Blown’ channels more of a 90’s teen comedy sound (think Smash Mouth, guys), ‘Good Day’ acts as an anthem for all those great nights out that seem to become a blur once the sun comes up.

Two new songs from this new act, but only one that can come out on top. We’re feeling ‘Blown’, but which one are you vibin’ to more?


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