Kelly Clarkson Releases ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ Off The ‘Hamilton Mixtape’

Since its inception, Hamilton has taken Broadway, the music industry, and the world by storm. After departing the production he created, Lin-Manuel Miranda is ready to breathe new life into Hamilton with the ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ next month.

Released through Atlantic Records, the ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ will be comprised of 23 songs that are from the show and inspired by the show. This week, the first taste from the mixtape arrived via Kelly Clarkson and her rendition of ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’.

Currently revamping her sound into something more soulful with the help of Atlantic Records, ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ is the perfect bridge between the sound that we’ve come to expect from Kelly and the one she’s about to introduce to the world. It’s familiar, yet fresh.

While there’s no set release date for Kelly’s seventh studio album, ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ is surely enough to tie fans over until that first single drops next year.

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