Little Mix Blast Their Exes On The Soulful ‘F.U.’

Since the announcement of their new album ‘Glory Days’, Little Mix have been released a steady stream of music from the record. This week, the girls release another track – the soulful inspired ‘F.U.’.

The girls have gone on record to describe that ‘Glory Days’ will be filled with break-up anthems and songs about finding love. You can only guess which category ‘F.U.’ falls into with lyrics like these…

You’re dirty, disgusting!/But I can’t get enough of your loving/Boy I hate you, really hate you/My momma said I shouldn’t date you/You cheatin’, you lyin’/I know that you’re hiding two cellphones/But boy, right before I say that it’s the end

You sweet talk me again/I don’t wanna be friends, no/Why am I such a fool when it comes to you/A, B, C, D, E E EEEE – F.U

Take that boys!

Glory Days’ will be released on November 18.

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