Bridgit Mendler Returns With A New Sound On ‘Do You Miss Me At All’

More than four years ago, Bridgit Mendler set out to establish herself as a pop star with her debut single ‘Ready Or Not’. The single peaked at #49 on the Billboard Hot 100 and…that was literally the last we heard from Bridgit. At least for those of us that didn’t follow her musical career as closely as her fans.

Since her breakout hit, Bridgit left Hollywood Records, landed a gig as the lead in NBC’s Undateable, and quietly worked on her music. After setting up her forthcoming EP – ‘Nemisis’– with ‘Atlantis’, it’s time for the set’s next single, ‘Do You Miss Me At All’ to take center stage.

It’s great when an artist, who’s sound was more or less manufactured, sets the tone of the next chapter in their career with something different and unexpected. Did any of us anticipate Bridgit to channel more of an alt-pop sound? No. Did we think she would take the time find the strengths in her voice instead of sounding like a Kesha rip off? No.

There’s a lot of great things about ‘Do You Miss Me At All’ – it’s fresh, it’s instant, it’s the right tone for an artist who is reintroducing itself, it’s on trend, and it’s the kind of song that will allow Mendler to find news fans and a different audience than she’s used to.

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