Betty Who Returns With A New Sound On Her New Single ‘Human Touch’

For the past several years, Betty Who has been one the brightest and most promising up and coming pop singers. With her debut era in the rearview mirror, it’s time for her to up the ante with her new single ‘Human Touch’ before her sophomore record drops next year.

It’s a new album cycle, so get ready for a new Betty. Known for her 80’s synth inspired production and crunch pop/rock influences, ‘Human Touch’ abandons all of that for a more contemporary, tropical EDM flare that falls in line with a lot of the music that’s taking over top 40 radio.

It’s pretty clear what RCA is trying to achieve with Betty and this song. A hit. And rightfully so. The way she was so criminally overlooked her first era still hurts. Her knack for songwriting and tapping into her audience’s emotions is something that her contemporaries can’t match and her ability to craft melodies that take over your brain is like none other.

There’s a fine line in between abandoning the sound that established you and evolving as an artist. Betty is treading upwards to a successful evolution if she continues to play her cards right after ‘Human Touch’. There’s a lot more music to come and this is just the beginning – are you ready to go for another ride with Ms. Who?

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