Little Mix Countdown The Days Until ‘Glory Days’ With Their New Single ‘Touch’

Truth be told, Little Mix have had a hard time crackin’ the US. Chalk it up to a non-extensive promo schedule or the right song not being serviced to the States, it’s puzzling while one of pop’s greatest girl groups can’t cross over.

That all might change with the second single off of ‘Glory Days’. All this week, Little Mix will be sharing a song a day off their new record and it begins today with ‘Touch’ – a tropical influenced electronic banger that seems like a foolproof plan for Little Mix to finally break through in the US.

In all honesty, ‘Touch’ could have lived somewhere on Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27′. It’s got the same vibe and flare that ran throughout that entire record – it’s hard not to picture 5H behind this track. However, Little Mix take control of ‘Touch’ better than Fifth Harmony ever could. The harmonies, the chemistry between the girl, the effortless sexiness – it has all the makings of being a hit.

Please US radio programmers – latch on to this hit.

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