Parson James Shares His New Single ‘Sad Song’, Performs On The TODAY Show

Last year, Parson James seemingly took over the world as the vocals on Kygo’s international hit ‘Stole The Show’ and stepped out on his own with an EP full of gopsel-tinged pop cuts.

Now, with his eyes set on his debut album in early 2017, the ‘Temple’ singer shares a brand new song just before the end of the year – ‘Sad Song.

Speaking to Billboard about the meaning behind the song, Parson reveals that coming to grips with seeing an ex at a bar one night helped him create his latest hit.

I don’t know what it is about me but dive bars feel like home, I’m comfortable in them. As he approached me, I immediately felt this flood of mixed emotions wash over me. Memories of unnecessary tears, countless drunken nights alone, etc. Within a few moments of conversation something was glaringly apparent to me. He. had. not. changed. Normally, this would’ve affected me negatively, but this time, surprisingly, I walked away relieved.

I started writing ‘Sad Song’ shortly after this encounter and it became this anthem for any and everyone who has been in the tricky position of sacrificing their own happiness for someone else’s. I was always that guy.

Compared to his previous material, ‘Sad Song’ is a lot more radio friendly and shouldn’t have trouble finding footing at pop radio throughout the rest of the year and into next. With heavy-weights like Elvis Duran and The TODAY Show behind you, it’d be hard not to find success with a song like this.

Watch Parson James perform ‘Sad Song’ on the TODAY Show.

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