Nicki Minaj Releases ‘Black Barbies’ Freestyle

It’s been a minute since we heard a solo track from Nicki Minaj. While the self-proclaimed queen of rap works on her fourth record, she decided to capitalize on the ‘Black Beatles’ craze by releasing her own take aptly titled ‘Black Barbies’.

For the first time in what seems like forever, Nicki ditches a little bit of that pretentious attitude she picked up over the last couple years and play into the Barbie persona that she essentially dropped once the hip-hop community gave her flack for becoming a cartoon.

I’m a fuckin’ black barbie/Pretty face, perfect body/Pink seats in the ‘Rari/Always fuck him like I’m sorry/Who the fuck is gon’ protect her?/If I really gotta check her/Peter Piper picked a pepper/And my cake is triple decker

Are you ready to hear more from Barbie on Nicki’s fourth record?

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