Britney Spears Finally Shares Her Highly Anticipated Remix For ‘Slumber Party’ Ft. Tinashe

The time has finally come. After months of rumors and weeks of teasing, Britney Spears is finally ready to move onto ‘Slumber Party’, the second single from ‘Glory’ featuring none other than Britney super fan, Tinashe.

Really – nothing has changed from the original version. Britney leads the first verse and chorus while Tinashe comes control of the second verse. There’s some ad-libbing by the two pop stars from then on. The good new is most of Britney’s from the original ‘Slumber Party’ are still intact. There’s this bit at the end where Tinashe changes the key (at least we’re thinking it’s Tinashe, there’s no way that’s Britney?) and it’s nothing short of the perfect complement to Britney’s baby voice.

Was this worth the wait? In some ways, yes – it’s great to finally hear the two on a track that fits both of their voices and vibes. In other ways, it’s a bit underwhelming as nothing has really diverted away from the song we’ve had for months.

Luck enough for the both of us, the video drops on Friday where we’ll get to see the two in action.

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