Little Mix Switch Up Their Sonics On ‘Down & Dirty’

This is it – the last taste of new music before Little Mix drop even more this Friday with the release of their new album, ‘Glory Days’.

It all started with ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ a month ago and now we’re at ‘Down & Dirty’, their final promo track. Tossing out all the traditional pop influences they’ve latched onto since the last album, the girls channel their inner bad girls on this trap-lite banger.

Yeah, if we’ve only got one night/Forget about the world outside/Put your hands up, we’ll hide/Get down and dirty/Get down and dirty/I know you heard me/Get down and dirty

At first, it’s a little off-putting and takes a minute or so to adjust to. Once you get in tuned with what the girls are doing on this track, you begin to realize they’ve become masters of their craft and the pop world.

If we got all this great music ahead of the album’s release, we can only imagine what else is waiting for us on ‘Glory Days’

Listen to ‘Down & Dirty’ here.

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