Britney Spears Performs ‘Slumber Party’ At Piece Of Me

It’s finally happened. Britney Spears has placed her new single ‘Slumber Party’ into her Piece Of Me residency, signalling the official kick-off of the hopefully soon-to-be-hit.

So what’s the juice behind Britney’s latest number added into her show? ‘Slumber Party’ is placed in the sixth section of her show (“Circus”) and is between ‘Breathe On Me’ and ‘Touch Of My Hand’. A perfect ménage a trois.

The mirrors from ‘I Wanna Go’ are back and it looks like Britney dons a robe from The Intimate Britney Spears line. The choreography is sexy and subtle. There’s a floor routine during the second chorus with her ladies and a moment with her guys at the end of the song that are peak periods during the entire time.

Clips from the music video fill out the performance as Britney and her dancers take the stage. Definitely more of a glimpse to tie fans over until the music video officially premieres tomorrow.

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