Leaked Track ‘Song For Her’ Offers A Glimpse Into The Spice Girls as GEM

Back in July, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Melanie Brown announced that they had plans to continue the Spice Girls’ legacy not AS the Spice Girls, but as a trio called GEM. Senseless, right?

Lucky enough for us, that announcement came and went and we assumed that all parties involved forgot about the soon-to-be error that would tarnish what the Spice Girls did for pop music in the late 90s.

That is until today.

Thanks for a fan page on Facebook, a demo called ‘Song For Her’ offers a glimpse into the disaster that is GEM.

We wouldn’t ask for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly, we wouldn’t ask for a Big Mac without a large order of fries, and we’d never ask for the Spice Girls without its two original members. Sure, girl groups go through different incarnations, but not this one. There is something that is so noticeably absent from this demo that it’s shocking it even made its way out of the studio.

So if you’re curious enough to waste your time at what the possible future of the Spice Girls holds, feel free to listen to ‘Song For Her’ below. If you’re ok with not ruining your childhood with a garbage recording, then you’re making the right choice.

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