The Weeknd Releases ‘Party Monster’ & ‘I Feel It Coming’ One Week Before ‘Starboy’

The Weeknd has been riding high this fall. A hit single, heavy buzz surrounding a new album, and a successful stint on the season opener of Saturday Night Live.

Now, with one week left until ‘Starboy’ is available for release, Abel Tesfaye is sharing two more songs from his highly anticipated record – ‘Party Monster’ and ‘I Feel It Coming’ – and they couldn’t be more different from each other.

While ‘Party Monster’ talks about one night stands, ‘I Feel It Coming’ does a total 180 and finds The Weeknd pining for something more than just a booty call. From the sonics of each song (trap-inspired and moody compared to Daft Punk’s light and synth driven production) to the swagger behind his vocal deliver, it’s like night and day.

But the question is which one is your favorite?

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