The Weeknd Drops The M A N I A Short Film

In just two days, The Weeknd will unleash the beast that is ‘Starboy’ onto the world. With only a handful of songs and visuals from the album available right now, The Weeknd teases just a little bit more from his highly anticipated set with his brand new short film ‘M A N I A’.

The story is loose, but carries the same sleek and sexy tone as the rest of the other ‘Starboy’ visuals we’ve seen. The Weeknd cruises to the club for a night out, catches the flyest girl’s eye and the wrong guy’s as well. Blood, dancing, and fashion fill the clip – but it’s the new music that everyone’s waiting for.

So what songs has he included in ‘ M A N I A’? ‘All I Know‘, ‘Sidewalks‘, ‘Secrets‘, ‘A Lonely Night’ and his latest promo singles ‘Party Monster’ and ‘I Feel It Coming’.

We won’t give too much away about the sound and tone of each new track – but The Weeknd sure has something on his hands this time around. Dare we say he’s taken his artistry to the next level?

Watch ‘M A N I A’ below.

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