Is Britney Spears Already Working On A Follow Up To ‘Glory’?

Britney Spears may finally have another hit on her hands with ‘Slumber Party’ and ‘Glory may be a labor of love that she’s proud of, but that doesn’t mean the princess of pop doesn’t have her eye on what’s coming next.

In an effort to avoid all promo of her new single and instead give one-off interviews to Las Vegas Publications, Britney spoke candidly about the process of making ‘Glory’ and, naturally, her next move came up.

I think the vibe of ‘Glory’ is a lot different than my previous albums. We experimented with so many things while we were making the record. I feel like this time, I was really able to be hands on. I’m so proud of every song that we put on the album.

It took us a couple of years to make this album, and of course over time, musical styles change and sometimes other ideas pop up that you just like better. The songs on ‘Glory’ were no-brainers for me—they were the best of all the songs we recorded.

I’m not sure what I want the next album to sound like. I just know that I’m excited to get into the studio again and actually have already been back recording.

It really doesn’t sound like Britney is in album mode, but we’ve been told that before. Spears usually takes about two years in between album cycles and ‘Glory’ seems like it could pump out at least one or two more singles in 2017 (if we’re lucky).

If Britney were to move on so quickly from her ninth record, what direction would you want her to move into?

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