Kelly Clarkson Gets Emotional During A Performance Of ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’

Oh Kelly, you’re killing us. First ‘Piece By Piece’ and now ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’?

Last week, The Hamilton Mixtape was released worldwide featuring Kelly’s powerful cover of ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’. One of the last times she performed on TV before the birth of her baby boy, Kelly sobbed due to the emotional context of one of her singles.

And now, she’s at it again with this cover during a stop at TODAY!

This time, she doesn’t credit her emotions to her pregnancy directly, but says the song was sent to her while she was in the home stretch of her pregnancy. She decided to cover it due to the song’s themes ( a young man dying) and it tugged on her maternal heartstrings a little too much. Thus, the waterworks during her performance (ours, not hers).

Are you reaching for the tissues after Kelly’s performance?

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