Louis Tomlinson Debuts ‘Just Hold On’ Alongside Steve Aoki At The X Factor Finale

The X Factor Finals are always full of surprises and there was no shortage when it comes to this year’s finale.

Louis Tomlinson found fame on The X Factor stage with One Direction, but for the first time since the band’s “indefinite hiatus” Tomlinson is returning home to the exact place he got his start…and he’s still not alone.

Now, Louis may or may not be going solo. This may be a one-off track. Whatever it means, fans should be happy that Louis is totally abandoning his artistry for a behind the scenes role like he was rumored to be doing.

With Steve Aoki on deck, the twosome have premiered ‘Just Hold On’, an inspiring EDM anthem of courage and hope – a fitting choice in light of the news of Tomlinson’s mother’s passing just days ago.

So this makes 4 out of 5 members of 1D that have branched out from the group’s shadow. Which member’s solo music are you a more of a fan of?

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