Will Fergie’s ‘Double Dutchess’ Be A Visual Album?

Either Fergie is prepping something big for ‘Double Dutchess’ or homegirl is just proactive. Either way, it sounds like we’ll be getting a hell of a lot of visuals from Fergie whenever she gets around to dropping her sophomore record.

In an interview with MusicChoice, Fergie revealed she already has more than a few videos ready to go for ‘Double Dutchess’.

I have filmed a few things that are special and I did this amazing video with Jonas Åkerlund and it’s for a song called ‘A Little Work’ that is really big and kind of epic.

I got to shoot videos in a lot of different places. I have a video that I shot in Paris for a song called ‘Just Like You’ and I got to shoot in London for a video called ‘Nuttin’.

Could all this extra effort be the main reason why ‘Double Dutchess’ keeps getting delayed?

Listen to Fergie talk more about her new music videos below.

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