Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross To Release Their Joint Album In 2017

Praise him! 2017 is already gearing up to be a million times better than 2016 thanks to a little bit of news Ashlee Simpson shared during her most recent red carpet appearance.

If you have been following Ashlee’s musical endeavors since 2012’s ‘Bat For A Heart’, you’ll know that she has been sporadically working on a record with her husband, Evan Ross, that all started with a random thought to head into the studio together.

Now, it looks like their “love record” is ready for public consumption. During the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Holiday Celebration on December 13th, Ashlee let slip that her’s and Evan’s record will be ready for next year!

We’re working on an album together. So in the new year, that will be happening! This way we can tour together! I’m definitely excited. I love working with my husband.

When asked about the album’s sound, Ashlee revealed that it would be “soulful, fun and reflective of music that [we] both like.

What about a solo album? After all, Ashlee does have a fourth record locked away in her vault. It looks like that another solo record from this Simpson sister is in the cards. In 2017? Maybe not so much, but it’s definitely on the horizon according to Ashlee and Evan.

We’re doing this album together and then we’ll go off and do our own. 

Music is something so important to both of us. So we’ll release this album and then she’ll work on hers.

We’re ready for any kind of music that comes from Ashlee – solo or not. It’s been way too long and we’ve had only a few clips of demos surface online over the last four years. Consider us ready for Ashlee to bounce back, yet again, in the New Year.

Are you ready for a new era in Ashlee Simpson’s music career?

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