Pia Mia Returns With ‘We Should Be Together’

After what seemed like an eternity, the true princess of this generation’s pop stars has finally returned with another sensually charged R&B jam.

Just weeks before 2016 comes to a close, Pia Mia has dropped a new single ‘We Should Be Together’ – an ode to lust, Netflixin’, chillin’, and sittin’ in bed sippin’ Kool-Aid.

You should be with me in the shade, with the breeze blowin’ free, life is easy for right right/And I should be with you in the bed, sippin’ Kool-Aid, no room for the bullshit for right now/Yeah, we should be together

It’s got a bit more of a groove than her previous singles and puts her into more an R&B pocket as the pop elements from ‘Touch’ and ‘Do It Again’ have been stripped away. It works though!

Word has it that Pia’s album drops in 2017. Are you ready for more form this pint-sized singer?

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