What Is Popology Now?

Popology Now is a pop music experiment. As Lady Gaga once said, dosage here ‘Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow’, tadalafil and damnit, she was right!

Popology Now is, loosely, the study of pop music. The way it makes you feel. The way you react to it. The way it’s composition can produce one of the biggest hits of the year…or one of the most underwhelming songs that we forget about. It’s all of those things and more. It’s a passion, it’s a belief, it’s a lifestyle.

Popology Now firmly believes that in 2014 and beyond, anything can be pop music. Mainstream, indie, alternative, rap, rock, hip-hop, R&B, soul. It is all pop music here. There is no “paint by numbers” formula, there is no foolproof map to follow. Well, there is, but it’s that style that tends to burn out quicker than it appeared. That’s why you will see all of those genres on this site because, for us, it pops and it IS pop.

A History Lesson

Popology Now was formally Raw Music|Entertainment, a music blog founded in April 2013 by pop music aficionado, Richard Baxter.

When it originally launched, it was a simple music blog that featured the latest single, album, and music video releases. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Since then, it has grown into fully functional music news website. Popology Now still contains the same content from Raw Music|Entertainment, but amped up and getting into the nitty gritty of what’s happening in the pop music world with impending releases, news from your favorite artists, and breaking new acts that Richard thinks can change the sound of pop music.

Who Is Richard Baxter?

‘I am a performer.  I am a Mom.  I am funny.  I am your friend! ’

Just kidding. That’s Britney Jean.

Richard Baxter is a simple 25 year old man (boy? dude?) sharing his love for pop music with his friends, family, and casual readers who stop by this site form time to time.

A little bit about Richard:

1) Richard worships in the House of Godney ever since he shimmied along side the ‘…Baby One More Time’ music video in front of his TV in 1999….and then in front of an entire theme park as he re-created the video in one of those music video simulators (#LEGEND).

2) Music is in his blood. His late-biological father was a DJ. Raised on Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Mariah Carey, it wasn’t unusual to find him in front of the TV dancing along to Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour (complete with a tinfoil microphone) or Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ music video (complete with his mother’s black winter gloves. Again, #LEGEND.

3) Richard lives and breathes Ashlee Simpson. He whole-heartedly believes she was one of the best things in pop in the early 2000s and has a unique voice that the world needs to hear. No matter what anyone says, no one will ever negate her talent and he will fight to the death for her artistry.


All jokes aside, Richard has a BA in Communications from Manhattan College by the ways of Mount Saint Mary College. He’s light. He’s funny. Sometimes, he’s serious. Sometimes, he can be a bit much. He realizes that he is imperfect, but he realizes that embracing those imperfections makes him who he is…and makes what Popology Now is.