Best Way To Relax In Your Bathroom: How To Reduce Stress

Soaking in the bath is one of the most common ways to relax after hard working days. Bathing helps you to reduce stress and fatigue, get rid of toxic inside the body, improve health and sleep better.

Not everyone knows how to relax in the bathroom correctly. If you don’t do the right way, you can not have the most comfortable relaxation. But don’t worry, this article will show you the best way to relax in your bathroom.

Best Way To Relax In The Bathroom

Prepare A Good Bathtub

You need to fit and feel comfortable while lying inside the bathtub. Let’s follow these steps to know how to prepare a good one.

Clean The Bathtub

No one enjoys taking a bath in a dirty bathtub right?  Cleaning bathtub costs also not much of your time. So you should clean it before starting bathing.

First, get rid of all dust and hair by an aspirator. And then wipe the bathtub with a clean towel. You should wipe it till it has no dirt on. Last, remove all the water inside the bathtub.

Decorate The Bathtub

A bathtub for relaxing needs to be beautiful. You can give the bathtub a color by painting it. In fact, there are many easy ways to paint a bathtub that you can learn. Besides, you can draw or stick some stickers on the bathtub to make it cool.

Fill The Bathtub With Water

Before filling the bathtub with water, you should lock it with a drain stopper. There are many types of bathtub drain stoppers, so make sure that you lock the bathtub with the right one.

The water that you fill in the bathtub should be warm. If you don’t know which temperature is suitable, you can base on our recommendation. Fill 2/3 your bathtub with hot water and the rest with cold water. That will make a perfect temperature for you.

Pour Some Bath Bomb

Soaking in the bathtub is even more enjoyable with bubbles and a good smell. Use a bath bomb to make bubbles and create some good aromatherapy. This bath bomb is not hard to find. You can buy it online or go to any store.

Make a comfortable condition for your bathtime

Have you done preparing the bathtub? The next step is making a comfortable condition in order to have the best bathtime.

Prepare Music

First, you need to prepare a device that can play songs. The device should have a strong battery in order to play through the long bathtime. You can either use a radio or your phone to play music.

After that, list a list of songs for your enjoyment. Advice from us is that you should choose classical music or some soft music to play. Because strong music will prevent you from relaxing. You surely don’t want your brain to strain during the bath, right?

Last, find a dry place to put the device. The place should be near the bathtub so that the sound can be enough loud. But don’t let it too much close. The water may slop and damage your device.

Light Up The Room With Dim Light Or Candle

The light for relaxation should be gentle. In this case, the light from conventional lamps does not work well. Instead of that, you can use candles or dim light. A little of darkness will help you get into sleep easier.

These candles and dim lights should not be put near the bathtub. Or else the slopped water may extinguish the light. Too dark is too scary to relax, isn’t it?

Remember to set an alarm for about 4 -5 hours after. Because if you sleep in the water and forget to wake up, you may get cold.

Prepare Some Wine And Food

Wonderful relaxation can not miss good food and delicious wine. You have worked hard on the previous days. Therefore, treating yourself with a good meal is of absolutenecessary.

The best mealfor relaxation in the bathroom usually comprises a plate of salad, a plate of steak with french fries, a bowl of hot soup and a glass of aromatic wine. In some special case,  snacks, pizza, and cola are welcomed.

We recommend you to cook for yourself. You already know your favorite taste. Therefore, you can avoid unsuitable food. If you are too busy to cook, then you can order food online. It is also no problem.

Stop All Things That May Disrupt You

Imagine, you are having a good bathtime. And then some family members knock the door, or a call rings on the phone. It is totally not cool, right?

You should tell other family members that you would relax in the bathroom. So that they can understand and stay away from disrupting you. Besides, turn off your phone or change it to the airplane mode. Don’t worry if someone tries to contact with you because you only go for a few hours, then you will be back.

Have A Wonderful Time Relaxing In The Bathtub!

Having a relaxation in your bathroom is pleasantlysimple, right? What can be better than having a luxury bath at your own place? Just following a few steps, you already have a good way to reduce stress after a week of hard work.

If you have done preparing those things above. Now is your chance to relax. Don’t forget to wear a nourishing mask before getting into the bathtub!

For any question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always here to help. Your relaxation is our pleasure.

And now,  have a wonderful time in the bathtub!

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