5 Best Bed Frames for Heavy Person Reviews 2019

Finding the best bed frame for a heavy person is definitely not an easy task. It requires your attention to make sure you’re buying a sturdy and durable product with enough support.

So for today’s article, let me walk you through the best bed frames you will find in the market that can meet the demands of every heavyweight. Please keep on reading below.

Best Bed Frame For Heavy Person

Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TGHI56Y

On top of the list is a bed heavy-duty bed frame from Zinus. What’s great about this product is that you will no longer have to invest in a box spring when you buy this, you can just easily place your memory foam, latex or spring mattress directly on top of it without the need to worry about getting the perfect fit.

But what’s even great is that it has been innovatively designed to provide improved support and exceptional durability, making it a good bed frame for people on the heavier side. It boasts strong mattress support that can hold up about 500 lbs. of weight.

Another thing I like about this product is that it comes in 14-inch high with 13-inch of clearance, allowing you to store up all kinds of storage and bags under the bed.

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0HEA0R

If you’re looking for a really sturdy bed frame, this one will not disappoint. It has an impressive 2,000 lb. capacity and is made of heavy-duty steel. Another thing I like about this bed frame is that it use non-slip boots to make sure your bed will be in place and as stable as possible. In fact, all of its joints were reinforced to eliminate noise.

Just like our first product, this bed frame also has 18-inch space underneath so the space below your bed will not be put to waste. It will serve as a storage space for your extra bedding, old shoes and clothes and so much more.

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EQG7LVA

If you’re in a hunt for a heavy-duty metal bed frame that will not burn a hole in your pocket, then look no further. This bed frame has been designed to be a low-cost alternative to traditional bed frames.

But just because it comes at a cheap price doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your attention. In fact, this bed frame will provide support to any mattress without the need for traditional framing or a box spring foundation.

And once you take it out of its box, you will get to enjoy easy assembly; it does not need any special tools to do so. What makes it even better is that it can support to a maximum weight of 4,000 lbs. The only downside of this frame is that it can be a little squeaky, so make sure all screws are tightly screwed.

Malouf Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0032UOY8E

Malouf is another recognized brands that offer heavy-duty bed frame. What makes this product stand out is that it provides an adjustable foundation that has center support and provides the ultimate comfort. It also comes with headboard brackets that guarantee outstanding safety and a night of sleep free from any worries.

This bed frame will also be suitable for any types of mattress, whether it is memory foam or latex mattress. It’s pretty easy to assembly, it does not require any accessories to set it up.

45Min SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame

Product Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HVV39BF

One of the best features of this heavy-duty metal bed frame is its capacity. It is rated for 3000 lbs of evenly distributed weight in such an affordable price. What’s even great is that you can attach a headboard to this frame so you won’t have to suffer from a boring look.

It also comes at a height of 16-inch, giving you about 14-inch of clearance below it. However, some users find its dimension to be a little off. Some said that the bedframe is a bit longer than most of the mattresses. Though I must say there still a lot more good news with this bed frame, like a warranty of eight years which is much longer than most bed frames.


So there you have it, the list of the best bed frame for heavy person. All of these beds will definitely make you look forward to bedtime. And of course, you can now finally say goodbye to squeaks and creaks your bed makes every time you shift.

Anyway, I hope you learn something new from this article. If you still have any more questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

7 Best Mattress for a Murphy Bed in 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

Murphy beds have around for a long time for space-saving purposes, popularized in North America as the wall bed, fold-down bed,  or pull down bed., This is essential for where room floor space is circumscribed. Murphy mattresses are premiums for places like school dormitories, mobile homes,  cruise ships, and hotels.

Murphy beds have not only given quality to small space rooms but at the same time added comfort, style, and luxury to the lives of people from time inception till date. But you need that luxury mattress of yours but have a small room space? don’t worry your dream beds also come in Murphy beds, and we have taken time to bring to your list of best purchasable Murphy beds money won’t regret buying.

Tuft & Needle

T and N bed in a box is made up of two layers of high-density polyurethane foam, with a cover made with polyester and rayon. Primarily this is dual memory foam with a fabric cover. For extra comfort, it comes with a 7-inch support layer on the bottom that helps keep your neck and spine aligned properly making it more than just memory foam. Extra features pressure relief, support that gives brings softness without sinking, and open cell technology that aids breathability.

On top of that, this product comes with High-quality Adaptive foam that provides a bouncy yet supportive feel, Support foam that provides perfect support foundation, Extra soft poly blend covers which are resistant to pilling and tearing, and a 100-night free trial. Sadly, it may be way too firm, and generates heat.

Red Nomad

You can never go wrong with red nomad mattresses and to clear all benefits of doubts when things go wrong eventually they got 10 years of warranty to keep you protected.  With nomad’s ultra-premium memory foam that makes you forget any discomfort you have ever had on previous mattresses and the top patented cool cycle technology it offers, regulating your body temperature and bringing you a pleasurable cool, it is certain you will cooling drift off to dreamland in a matter of seconds. The dual layer Design of  2” cool cycle comfort layer and 8” high-density support base does not only give you a sturdy cool feel but keeps those pressure points pressure-free while evenly distributing your weight.

Additionally, it comes with several bells and whistles such as Removable zippered jacquard cover, 10 years protected the guarantee, Ultra-premium memory foam mattress, Cool cycle technology, and No smell as common to most memory foam.

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and innerspring hybrid mattress

This comfort in a box traditional spring mattress comes with a pressure points relief of memory foam for substantial support. It is covered with a double layer memory foam over a 1.5-inch comfort foam mattress to give you an irresistible comfort. Due to the 6-inch steel coils inside it offers the traditional bounce like other spring mattress and enhances the breathability and softness of the mattress just making it perfect for guest rooms, college dorms, and other small affordable room options. This mattress comes in different profiles sizes, medium firm 8 inch, 10 inch, and a plush 10-inch size.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress

This mattress is the perfect comfort for your kid’s room, college dorms and even for your personal comfort. The  8inch super comforting mattress  comprises of 3 layer foams which features 2”inch memory form that conforms to the natural shape of your body, 2” inch comfort foam that relieves pressure points and evenly distributes weights and  a 4”inch high density base support foam that gives the sturdiness, long-lasting stability and durability you will ever need, finally quilted to soft knitted jacquard  1inch microfibre cover for a smooth  Cozy feeling. The bio-foam it comes with, The memory foam which is the last evolution of memory foam keeps your mattress ever fresh as it comes with natural plant oil.

LUCID 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The five-inch gel memory foam is also the perfect fit for trundles bed, bed bunks, and college dorms and even adult that like firmness. The comfy 5nch gel comprises of 1 inch layer of gel and 4 inches supportive  base foam that conforms to the natural shape of your body, ease pressure points and also providing firmness giving you a soft comfy relaxation all through the while, you also get a cooler sleep because  of the advanced memory gel materials because  it helps keep mattress temperature down compared to other memory foam. The polyester removable  clean cover adds an extra balance to its softness, giving  you an overall cool experience.

Modway Aveline 8″ Gel Infused Memory Foam

One thing about memory foam is its density and the way it absorbs pressure points and conforms to the body but gel  infused memory foam is an upgrade, it’s like sleeping on a memory foam with ice packs, because of the gel pumped into it, this microbead used in gel infused memory foam actually increases density and regulates the body temperature as you sleep. Modway Aveline brings you that gel infused memory foam 2 inches,  and with an extra 6 inches, responsive base foam with a luxury diamond stretch knit cover all to giving you a firm, cooler sleep as Aveline dissipates your body heat while quickly conforming to your body weight and position.

Classic Brands Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Pillow Top

This foam is not your regular spring mattress,  unlike spring mattresses that have bear springs in the foam,  this 10-inch classic brand foam is filled with 6inches springs individually wrapped with foam so as to accurately give the necessary contours and disperse body weight evenly while naturally comforting to body weight.  You will likely not feel the springs unless you are told its a spring bed because of the background comfort foam that lays as its foundation and layer providing a buffer and giving it more density and comfortable feel.

Further, here are other impressive features like its individual wrapped Bonnell coils for extra comfort, Medium  firm Comfort, 2 quilt fibers, and vacuum  sealed packaging.