Guide To Choose A Pillow For Pregnant Women

For women, the pregnancy period is challenging; they often feel tired with symptoms of back pain, headache. More seriously, during this period, women  always have insomnia or sleeplessness, which affect the health of the mother and baby. Understanding these issues, we have researched some notes when choosing a pillow for pregnant women. You can find out through the following article.

Pillow Material

Pregnant women are very susceptible to allergies, especially during the first three months they may have morning sickness, and then all the surrounding elements can make them tired. Therefore, You should be careful when choosing pillows for them. Firstly, you should not select pillows containing toxic substances. For their safety, you ought to choose an organic pillow. These pillows do not contain toxic ingredients, ensuring the health of both mother and child.

However, you should note that the organic pillows made from natural materials, so there are still be odors of organic substances, especially the smell of rubber, the pregnant women afraid this smell. Therefore, you should check the smell of the products before buying, do not purchase strange-smelling pillows for pregnant women.

Color of Pillow

The emotions  of pregnant women are constantly changing, they can get angry at any time, and all surrounding factors can affect their moods . So, choosing a pillow with playful and delicate colors for pregnant women is a must, do not select colors that are too dark; it will make the pregnant woman’s moods worse. However, you should not choose colors that are too flashy, they can lead to feeling sleepy or uncomfortable when waking up.

The best choice for pregnant women is blue, milk, gray, yellow pillows etc. Of course, you should pay attention to the size of  the bedroom and the harmony of the colors in the room. Also, helping pregnant mothers more comfortable.

Fresh color pillows are an ideal choice for pregnant women

Design of The Pillow

The pregnant hug pillow is appropriately designed based on the shape of the pregnant woman to create a feeling of comfort. In addition to other typical pads, recently, U, J, L shaped pillows are the product of choice of many families. They are usually made from soft, fluffy white cotton, creating a sense of smoothness for sleep or when reading a book.

Pregnancy  pillow helps to support the head, neck, back, front of the abdomen, and legs at the same time with special curves. It will help pregnant mothers to shape the recumbent position. The pillow provides an opportunity to improve  blood circulation, helping the baby to grow up strong and healthy. Not only that, but pads can also support the head and arms when the mother elected when breastfeeding, helping them more comfortable.

Three types of pregnancy pillows that are  most popular on the market for moms to choose are C-shaped pillows, J-shaped pillows, and U-shaped pillows.

C-shaped pillows are often used during early pregnancy, as a support for the mother’s back.

J-shaped pillows provide support for the head and neck but are only suitable to use when the mother is lying on her side.

U-shaped pillows take up a lot of space and are difficult to carry but can be a prop for the whole body. In addition to supporting pregnant women, U-shaped pillows also help women not to have back pain when breastfeeding.

U-shaped pillows are not only suitable for pregnancy period but also for the postpartum period of women


You know, the pillows not only give pregnant women good sleep but also bring comfort to them when sitting. So you should invest time in choosing the best pillows for them. First, you must pay attention to the quality of the pad, avoid buying pillows with toxic substances and unpleasant smell. The choice of color is also essential, you should choose fresh colored pillows for pregnant women. Also, you should buy U-shaped pillows, C-shaped, L-shaped pillows, they will help pregnant women balance sleeping position.

We believe that this article will help you choose the best pillow to bring good sleep and comfort for pregnant mothers when sitting. If you have any further questions, please contact us.