PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher Review

PUR LED 11 CUP Water filtration is an efficient water filter that you can get at a low price. You should never be discouraged by the price of this model as its price doesn’t define its worth. It comes with prominent performances and unique features that make it one of the best filter in the market today.

Likewise, you can rest assured that you would be consuming safe and healthy water that comes out of it. This article would carry out a review on PUR filtration pitcher. It would also look into its durability, capacity, advantages, and disadvantages.


PUR filtration pitcher is an effective water filter that every home would love to have. It comes at an affordable price that makes it easy to be purchased. Likewise, it features an inbuilt LED light that updates you on when your existing filter needs a change. Also, it helps to get rid of about 95% of mercury, reduces chlorine and reduces 96% of a trace of pharmaceuticals.

This filter would give you a tasteful, safe and healthy water to drink. However, it is essential to know that one major downside of this model is that it still leaves some remains of fluoride which can be harmful to your body.

Also, .it has a comfort grip handle that allows you to move this water filter from one place to another without any difficulties. This water filter uses MAXION technology to convert your ordinary tap water hard water or saltwater into a clean and fresh-taking drinking water. It is made using materials that are BPA-free thereby making it a safe one for your clean water. This water filter is also made using food grade materials.

This model is made in a portable design that makes it easy to be pit or installed at anywhere especially in the refrigerator without it taking too much of space. This water filter has been duly tested and trusted by the NSF.


PUR water filtration pitcher has long term durability. That is, it does not need adequate changing like other water filters. Also, it had a top filtering capacity of 40 gallons which, therefore, require you to change the filters once every 4-6 weeks. However, these changes depend on the rate of water you consume per day.


This water filter has a large capacity that makes it an ideal one for a large home. It has its maximum capacity of about 11 cups which is approximately the same to 0.68 gallons. Also, after filtration, the amount of water that is derived is only 8 cups which is the same as 0.5 gallons of water.

If you have a home with a large number of people, it would require you to refill this pitcher almost every time. But if it is for a small family, you might not need to as it would take a long time to finish.


1. This water filter features a LED light display that allows you to know the exact time you need to change your existing water filter.

2. The materials used in making this product are BPA-free making its water a safe and healthy one to consume.

3. It is an effective water filter has it helps to remove about 95% of mercury, reduces chlorine and reduces 96% of a trace of pharmaceuticals.

4. It uses MAXION technology that allows you to convert tap water or hard water into clean drinkable water.


1. This water filter takes a long period to refill itself after use. This is because it comes with just a single filter system.

2. It does not get rid of fluoride which might be harmful to your health.

3. Most users have complained that the LED light display does not work effectively and most time gives them wrong information.